Our Vision

This organization believes that finding solutions to local problems serves as a sustainable method to combat the political, social, and economic conflicts existing on a national level.  By improving coordination among local public-sector actors on specific issues and creating technological solutions that help facilitate the execution of achievable outcomes, we hope to galvanize the public to begin participating in improving their own local environments. 


This participation is our vision.  Trust is what we want to build, and the administration of simple solutions for easy-to-fix problems is what we seek to achieve. This organization will dedicate itself to building the foundations for new decentralized and distributed forms of public behaviors centered around the coordination and administration of publicly funded improvement projects. We believe that our communities are at their most efficient and prosperous when coordination is maximized, trust is established, and every individual maintains agency over their own environments.  

This organization will facilitate three types of projects:

(1) Local Improvement Projects

Local Improvement Projects (LIPs) are individual local improvements proposed by the citizens of a specific Network Region*.  These projects are proposed by the pubic, funded by the public, and administered by the public.  This organization will facilitate the approval, requirements, and research required to administer the projects on a local level.   

(2) Spotlight Projects

Spotlight projects are community actions that are reoccurring, simple to perform, highly visible, and are designed to alleviate some of the smaller burdens on local governments.  Spotlight projects are designed to encourage the growth of our volunteer network, and offer new ways to participate in improving our communities.

(3) Endeavor Projects

Endeavor Projects are ambitious pursuits that seek to transform our perspective on how we approach systemic problems within the public sector.  These pursuits are designed to encourage new ways of thinking and inspire communities to utilize the power of participation in finding creative solutions.  This organizations first Endeavor Project -- The Pigeon Project -- is an attempt to redesign how Homeless Service Providers are funded through the use of distributed ledger technologies. We hope this projects transforms the manner in which we fund and administer the needs of the homeless.  

*Network Region – The smallest classification of our volunteer regions.  (Network Regions typically mimic District boundaries within a Network Area**)

** Network Area – The largest classification of our volunteer regions.  (Network Areas typically mimic City boundaries) 

This organization will focus on turning donations into results.  When this is accomplished, and public individuals empirically observe that their money went to the administration of a local improvement, the behavior and psychology surrounding public giving can potentially transform the public-sector into a vehicle that is aggressive, flexible, and more financially sustainable. 

As we continue to